What Is Web Hosting?

Determination of hosting sites.
Hosting – renting out to user part of your server space, maintenance of efficiency of use, copyright on your web servers.
Simply, hosting – is a service to place the site in the Internet. The word “hosting” comes from the English word “host”, which has several meanings: the host, the main unit, the main room or the proprietor of the inn. Special company – hosters – render this service.

Types of hosting. Virtual hosting.
There are many approaches in the division of the hosting sites on species. Hosting can be free (placing of site is absolutely free but the owner of the project severely limited in resources and opportunities) and paid hosting. In the case of a paid hosting site opportunities are directly depended on the size of payment. But in this article we will talk in detail about the most popular division of hosting in types: virtual hosting, dedicated server and virtual dedicated server. And also will talk about hosting php and web hosting mysql.
Virtual hosting of sites.

Virtual web hosting can be represented figuratively in the form of the house, where all residents enjoy sharing resources: water, elevator, staircase, gas heating. In this case, on the same server of hosting company several websites operated is. They use common computer resources, such as software and communication with the Internet. Speaking about virtual hosting we must add that it’s not very expensive type of hosting. It is better for use to small or medium projects. But you should know that this type of hosting imposes constraints. In particular, each project has its own limits on the use of server resources.
Dedicated server.

Dedicated server is also called a physical hosting. For the site service hosting company allocates separate server, which recourses uses only this site. It guaranties stable operations of large portals (every day these sites are visited by tens of thousands of people). Physical hosting is much more expensive, but completely removes the restrictions on the use of software and technology. Client of hosting company can host his own server in the host area. The computer will be connected to the Internet and will be served by the employees of the hosting company. This service is called co-location.

Virtual dedicated server.
Virtual dedicated server – it’s not a virtual hosting and not dedicated server. Something between these two types. A few projects are located at one server (they use only resources allocated to them). Accordingly, the resources of one project can not be used by his neighbour. Virtual dedicated server allows you to use your own software, as well as administer the server.
Hosting php, hosting mysql.

Another approach is to divide hosting on resources and technology that is provided to the site owner. Primarily distinguish Hosting with php. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to do anything without use of this technology, so hosting php is the most relevant and popular. If the site is planned to be used as forum, it is important to get support for mysql. This technology allows you to create the database. However, its scope is much broader than the creation of forums, so in most cases, hosting php supports the database mysql.

Before you purchase any website hosting, you need to go through the hosting reviews routine. Of course you need to be realistic and understand that now every cpanel hosting will be real. But if you go through the nice number of web hosting unlimited sites – you will see the real picture.

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